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According to the Wall Street Journal, the demand for armed and unarmed security guards is at record highs. The global market for private security services, including private guarding, surveillance, and armed transport, is now worth an estimated $180 billion. That number is projected to reach $240 billion this year—a number greater than the GDP of 100 countries, including Portugal, Romania, and Hungary. The rapid growth and relevance of this industry have been in the spotlight due to recent protests around the world calling for an end to systemic racism and heavy-handed police tactics following the death of George Floyd.

One way of keeping your home or business safe from external threats is by hiring private security services. Crimes happen all the time. It’s not new for companies to be vandalized or for thieves to break into someone’s home. With increasing threats, it becomes difficult for people to rely on the police alone. That’s why everyone needs a security guard to protect their homes or business.

For the last decade, the private security industry has been the fastest growing business globally. Many countries are fighting against crime because radicalization has been the most challenging thing to take under control.

Private security guards offer efficient protection. Many businesses can attest that their presence is effective at deterring crimes. There are different types of security services, including residential, corporate, and industrial. They all have different routines, but they all work towards ensuring safety on one’s property.

The peace of mind that comes with security services is immediate and lasting. There is no substitute for physical and emotional assurance that you are protected—whether you individually, your family, assets, or your business and its employees. Security officers deliver a sense of protection by providing a critical skill set in tense and threatening situations.

One of the top private security firms for your needs in Johannesburg is Vision Tactical. Vision Tactical understands that customers rely on them to safeguard their homes and businesses. Because of this, every security contract undertaken is personally supervised by one of their Directors. This ensures they consistently deliver the very highest professional standards. Vision Tactical is firmly positioned among the most respected security companies in Johannesburg. They recruit trained specialists with the highest standards and accreditations, offering clients a unique range of security services.

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The following excerpts were taken from a conversation with Yaseen Theba, Director of Vision Tactical

Explain about your passion for security.

Our team members express their dedication through their commitment to go beyond the call of duty. Not only are we keeping our clients protected, but members of our team are proactively dealing with crime issues to make communities safer.

Q. How does your expertise make you a unique company?

Our skilled team, matched with significant advancements in technology, creates a unique opportunity for Vision Tactical to pro-actively deal with the threat of crime and develop safer communities around us.

Q. How are your vision and mission showing you the right path towards success?

Clients’ trust in Vision Tactical with their businesses, homes, and families shows that our brand has become more than a private security provider. Our team has become the point of call for any emergency.

Please help us understand your services and their perks.

Guarding and Armed Response are our core focus areas. Our guards are trained to maintain safety on site, and our reaction officers are trained to monitor suspicious activities to ensure that we keep crime out of our operational areas. This layered strategy ensures that we keep our clients safe and the communities at large.

Q. How do you effectively prototype, striking the right balance between speed, resources deployed, and learning?

We believe that every client we guard is a high-risk client and ensure that the logistics to service the client are optimized so that we maintain the standard with armed response, personal escorts, and visibility for our clients. Our high-density patrols keep crime away from our clients, and our clients feel safer knowing that there is always a reaction vehicle around. Our partnerships with Tracker Connect assure our clients that they are safe in their vehicles. The partnership with medical service providers ER24 and Medi-Response assures our clients that trained medical staff is on standby in the event of a medical emergency. Having direct communications with Fire-Ops means we can get trained firefighters to any scene. The collaborations with law enforcement and other security companies mean we form part of a multi-pronged fight against crime, ultimately keeping our clients safe.

Q. Where do you envision the company in a few years?

We have started guarding sites in the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. This expansion into the provinces was a bold step in our national expansion. We will be opening training centers to bring the guards’ training in-house in the near future. We are also in the process of expanding our investigations arm for clients that require further investigations.

Providing impenetrable security services in Johannesburg

The Director of the Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba, is an altruistic entrepreneur who has expanded his business interests profoundly within the safety and security industry.

The private security company is one of Yaseen’s key focus areas, and the company strives to deliver proactive and progressive security services to the communities it serves. Yaseen’s expansive vision is to achieve large-scale, systemic, and sustainable social change, one venture at a time. He is a true social entrepreneur with an ardent interest in the well-being of humanity.

The foundation of the hugely successful #OperationHydrate campaign speaks clearly to Yaseen’s vision. The campaign was created in response to a call for water in drought-stricken areas and has gained the support of many prominent South African enterprises. Yaseen serves as the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Mandela Legacy Organisation. He is also the Chairman of the Muslim Association of South Africa (MASA), an independent Muslim humanitarian non-profit organization with a firm focus on religious values, educational elevation, social welfare, and a charitable culture.

“At Vision Tactical, we’re passionate about security.”

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