Phone Thieves Swiftly Apprehended in Houghton by Vision Tactical

Private Security Company Vision Tactical has made in roads following the apprehension of suspected thieves involved in various theft incidents in the suburb of Houghton Estate and surrounds in recent months.

Intervention & Specialised Support Units responded to an area in Houghton after a resident alerted Vision Tactical guards of a theft incident in progress on Thursday morning.

Following numerous panic buttons being pressed by Vision Tactical guards on duty, supervising officers responded with roaming tactical and intervention vehicles, officers were able to swiftly apprehend 2 suspects on the spot as they stole a cell phone and attempted to get away.

It’s believed the group of suspects operating in the vicinity target domestic workers, runners and pedestrians by snatching their valuables when out in public.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba says that the two suspects stole a cell phone and attempted to get away on foot, however, two of the company’s reaction officers were already on scene and they swiftly apprehended the suspects.

“We welcome the arrest of these suspects terrorizing the community, this would not have been possible without the assistance of the public who alerted us to the incident taking place.”

Theba adds that he hopes the apprehension of the suspects encourages more people to report crime they witness immediately in order for private security and law enforcement to act swiftly and decisively.

The South African Police Service attended to the scene to process the apprehended criminals.

Recently appointed Station Commander of Norwood Police Station Colonel Govender has welcomed the arrests of the suspects.

“We welcome the arrests of the suspects, this is a positive outcome of the partnership we have with Private Security in the area and hope that we are able to intensify the crackdown on crime as a whole.”