Vision Tactical Launches “Project Disrupt” In The Fight Against Crime

Vision Tactical – 

Private Security Company Vision Tactical has launched its latest crime fighting campaign dubbed “Project Disrupt”.

The overall objective of the integrated project is to fight crime and clamp down on criminal activity through collaborative efforts between law enforcement and private security with efforts to broaden criminal justice responses in Gauteng and South Africa at large.

Vision Tactical works together with law enforcement to help develop capacity and promote a professional and swift security response whilst highlighting the key dangers associated with various crimes.

Project Disrupt has been established to strengthen law enforcements capacity to detect whilst assisting police to prosecute offenders through intelligence-led law enforcement operations.

Key Mandate of Project Disrupt:

  • Identify trends, routes and patterns of criminals
  • Increase understanding of the nature and extent of criminals
  • Collect and analyse data, at provincial and national levels
  • #DisruptCrime
  • Educate the public to be conscious of their surroundings at all times

Vision Tactical officers in collaboration with law enforcement are working hard to disrupt and arrest criminals.

Project Disrupt also aims to motivate, empower and mobilise South Africans to take steps to protect themselves and their property from crime.





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