Response To The Devastating Disaster In The Jhb Cbd


Following the devastating underground explosion in the Johannesburg CBD, Private Security Company Vision Tactical dispatched specialised units to facilitate the sharing of information and provide additional help to coordinate all supplemented resources deployed, assisting with support as force multipliers to SAPS, JMPD, Emergency & Rescue Services, and other key role-players.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba confirmed earlier that one person has sadly passed on, and 48 others have been left injured following the blast during rush hour that overturned vehicles and destroyed sections of Bree Street affecting traffic and residents in the area.

Theba says all team members were briefed before they were deployed to assist wherever they possibly can.

“Our Mobile Command Unit is stationed between the scene area and the JOC setup on Mary Fitzgerald Square, Specialised Support and Intervention Units are on the ground assisting emergency services with the evacuation plan and other objectives since the blast took place.”

Theba adds that when an emergency occurs, the priority is always life safety.

“The second priority is the stabilization of the incident. There are many actions that can be taken to stabilize an incident and minimize potential damage.”

As thousands of people made their way through Johannesburg central this morning, city officials are still battling to determine the cause of a destructive explosion.

Gauteng premier Panyaza Lesufi gave an update on the investigation into the cause of the explosion as well as the impact it had on civilians and property.

“Because we are suspecting gas, we’ve now formally brought in all institutions that deal with gas. We now have Egoli Gas, Sasol and we are bringing in anyone that has either underground pipes or cables. Telkom, water, and any institution that we really believe will assist us to determine the cause and give us the necessary advice.

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