To be the first choice in security.


– Never compromise on the quality as well as safety of our superior services

– Protect as well as serve our clients with dedication as well as discernment

– Foster a company atmosphere that promotes team camaraderie, loyalty, as well as dedication

– Help bring a more secure as well as prosperous world for the benefit of the SOUTH AFRICAN people as well as law-abiding international community

Environmental Declaration

VISION TACTICAL is mindful of the harmful effects businesses have on the environment and is committed to reducing them.

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Our mission is to provide professional security services that exceed best industry practices. On top of that, we leave every client desiring to maintain a long-term relationship with us.

Effective Deterrent For Any Potential Threats

The presence of mobile security is effective in the prevention of crime or threat. Our friendly team offers reassurance, calm as well as control. Eliminating potential dangers before they can manifest is our number one priority. When emergencies do arise, we respond calmly, appropriately, effectively and are always ready to respond. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your security concerns are in the right hands.