Robbery fears as rocks block N12

Johannesburg – Lenasia residents are worried about the obstacles thrown on the stretch of the N12 between the Golden Highway and Lenasia, apparently by robbers and hijackers targeting unsuspecting motorists.

The community in the south of Joburg is appealing for more police visibility in the area. Various objects, including rocks, boulders and debris, are being used to block the road.

“When motorist get out of their cars to remove these obstacles, it provides a perfect opportunity for robbers and hijackers. We call for help from authorities,” said community leader Khalil Mohamed yesterday.

How to avoid being hijacked

At the weekend, about 60 residents and members of neighbourhood organisation, Block Watch, offered their vehicles to remove the obstacles.

At the end the clean up, four bakkies and a trailer were filled with rocks. Mohamed, who helped organise the campaign, said they removed objects lined road from the Golden Highway to Samfur Bridge. JMPD spokeswoman Edna Mamonyane said the N12 and the N1 were the hotspots for stone throwers.

A considerable number of hijacking incidents were reported on that stretch of the N12, said Mamonyane.

The Star


JOHANNESBURG – Parents who were victims of a robbery at a children’s party at the Sandton Fire Department on Saturday say they believe they were intentionally targeted.

A group of about 35 children and 40 adults were held at gunpoint during the party and jewellery and other valuables were taken from them.

Johannesburg Emergency Services has confirmed the incident and say police are investigating.
Parents say they feel violated that they were targeted while at their most vulnerable. It’s understood the CCTV cameras weren’t working, the perpetrators knew there was a party at the venue, there were no firemen on site and the person manning the call room claimed to not have a panic button, airtime or the police’s phone number.

One man says he tried to call 10111 three times during the incident, but the number went unanswered.

“I saw one of the fathers diving for cover and then I looked up and saw a guy coming towards us with a gun. We just gathered the kids. The guy came and took
earrings from one of the ladies. When I noticed he wasn’t around I took out my phone and tried to phone 10111.”

Johannesburg Emergency Services says it’s reserving its comment on the allegations while police investigations are underway.

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)