Two Suspects Apprehended Following An Attempted Armed Robbery Incident

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Independent Media rolls it’s sleeves, does it’s bit for Mandela Day

Independent Media’s marketing team negotiated with a supplier of boreholes, Drill Direct, to sponsor boreholes at Namo Primary School Trust Farm in Hammanskraal, Pretoria, and Lawley Secondary School in Lawley, Johannesburg for Mandela Day.

By Lesego Makgatho

Even Covid-19 did not stop Independent Media from doing its bit for Mandela Day this year.

Colleagues in each region rolled up their sleeves and participated in various activities in Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg. All health and safety protocols were observed.

The marketing team packed 670 goody bags for health workers at Kalafong Hospital in Pretoria and Ramokonopi Community Health Centre in Katlehong on behalf of all the titles in Gauteng.

Health workers have been under tremendous strain and pressure and the goody bags were a small token of appreciation for their hard work and effort.

Various sponsors such as Roman’s Pizza, Omni Project, Vision Tactical, Venga Drinks and Lahers Silkscreen & Embroidery donated goods.

Speaking to The Star Mpho Nxumalo, a nurse from Ramokonopi, said Mandela Day always takes her back to the principle of ubuntu.

“It takes me back to the importance of giving back to the community. For once, we feel appreciated as healthcare workers – even if it’s just for one day. We genuinely appreciate this gesture.

“It’s been a challenging time for the health sector. We are just treating symptoms. If you live in a poor environment, it will be difficult for you to have a balanced diet, sanitise constantly. You are underprivileged, as opposed to middle-class South Africans who can afford to keep a balanced diet,” she said.

A message she has for all South Africans during this difficult time is to “wear a mask, constantly wash and sanitise your hands, as well as your surfaces”.

Responding to the plight of many schools without water in the peri-urban areas of Gauteng, Independent Media’s marketing team negotiated with a supplier of boreholes to sponsor boreholes at Namo Primary School Trust Farm in Hammanskraal, Pretoria, and Lawley Secondary School in Lawley, Johannesburg, both nominated by the Basic Education Department. The official handover of the boreholes took place on Friday.

The principal of Lawley Secondary School Sehanka Oupa, said their borehole came at the right time.

“For 10 years now we’ve been celebrating Mandela Day. Most companies would come to clean the school and then leave. A couple of months down the line, we’d have nothing to point at. What Independent Media has done means a lot to the school community. This borehole will not only benefit the learners and teachers but surely the community around the area,” Oupa said.

Speaking at the event was the chief executive of Drill Direct, Mohammed Ishmael. He said giving back to the communities was key.

“Covid-19 has come and changed the way we live. Mandela Day has always been special to everyone. It’s about giving back to the community and this is what we do as a company. We collaborated with Independent Media, asking them to identify a school we could assist.

“Water is something so precious. If you look at the protective measures of dealing with Covid-19, it is all based on the washing of hands and constant sanitisation. If people don’t have access to basic sanitisation, access to basic water, how do we expect them to live a healthy lifestyle?” Ishmael said.


Two Suspects Arrested Following A Shootout On The M1 Highway

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Information was received of a group of suspects that will commit armed robberies and other crimes in the Johannesburg area.

Information was that the suspects will be armed and will utilize a Kia Rio with registration number ## ## ## ##, to commit the crimes.

Members were placed into strategic positions on the lookout for the vehicle. Members then spotted the suspect vehicle driving direction on the M1 direction to Sandton.

The members approached the vehicle and chased ensued. The suspects vehicle drove recklessly in an attempt to get away. A shootout ensued. The suspects vehicle crashed into the barrier and came to a standstill. Two suspects were apprehended, one wounded.

Firearms were found and other exhibits.

The Kia Rio was fitted with false registration and established to be sought as per Sandringham CAS. (robbed from owner)

Investigation will continue as these suspects can be linked to many armed robberies & hijackings in the greater Johannesburg area.

All necessary role players were contacted.

LCRC processed the scene for evidence and exhibits found.

The vehicle was taken to the saps pound for safeguarding. The suspect detained at the designated police station.

◼️ Arrests & Seizures:

▪️ Two (2) x suspects were arrested on multiple charges. (one -1 critically wounded)

▪️ Kia Rio seized, sought as Sandringham cas: ###/12/2019.robbed from the owner

▪️ One (1) x unlicensed firearm and ammunition seized.

▪️ Hand-gloves.

▪️ False registration plates.

▪️ Cellphones.

Joining Hands To Inspire The #Each1Feed1 Lockdown Food Distributions

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Freedom Day 2020 has been an unfamiliar experience given that we cannot gather with our loved ones and commemorate the day we voted in the country’s first democratic elections in 1994. However it is not so unfamiliar. We arrived at the first democratic elections in South Africa through solidarity against the Apartheid regime. This Freedom Day we continue in that culture of solidarity by staying home and practising a different kind of activism to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

However, many are struggling at home. Some are starving. Again, it can only be with our culture of solidarity that we can overcome food insecurity in South Africa at this time.

Due to the national lockdown put in place by the President to combat COVID-19, many families are unable to earn an income to feed their families. Some of the worst affected are those that are informally and precariously employed, the elderly and child-headed households. Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners who operate informally are some of the worst affected by the loss of income due to the lockdown.

To respond to the increased levels of food insecurity, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Imbumba Foundation and the Siya Kolisi Foundation have partnered on an initiative called #Each1Feed1. The name of the fund is inspired by the old Congress of South African Students (COSAS) mantra “Each one, teach one” and is adopted in honour of OR Tambo.

Vision Tactical is proud to be associated with all affiliates in the #Each1Feed1 campaign and will be assisting in whichever way possible.

We’re Here For You, During A Time of Extreme Uncertainty

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Over the past few months, as a country we have been thrust into times of extreme uncertainty.

Whilst so much still remains unknown, we want to remind you that we are here for you and your family.

Our business is built on trust & connectivity taking care of you and your assets.

Whether for you or a loved one, Vision Tactical is here to help during these challenging and ever-changing days…

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No One Is Above The Law During COVID-19 Lockdown

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Police Minister Bheki Cele says no one will be spared the might of the law if they are found flouting the coronavirus lockdown regulations.

Two Cape Town police officers are expected in court this week after they were caught buying alcohol.

The pair requested a Strand store manager to open the bottle store and proceeded to buy liquor to the value of over R4,000.

They were on duty at the time, stationed at the Delft police station.

Police spokesperson Vish Naidoo said, “Both police officers as well as the manager were arrested and they were taken to court on Thursday. The two officers were granted bail of R1,000 each.”



Johannesburg Residents Give Essential Service Providers A Standing Ovation During COVID-19 Lockdown

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Residents of various suburbs in  Johannesburg clapped and cheered to show their appreciation for all essential service personnel working during the COVID-19 pandemic over the weekend.

Around the world, people have been encouraged to show their gratitude towards for health-care workers and other essential service providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba says that the experience was incredible and up-lifting.

“There seems to be more and more people every night. People swinging open their windows and clapping and leaning out. People on balconies, it’s just a wonderful response from the whole community.”

Theba adds that the support from residents inspires essential service personnel, including Doctors, Nurses, emergency service officers and law enforcement officials to continue the work they are doing, during a very tough period.

He adds that the next few weeks are vital in ensuring efforts to flatten the curve yields positive results.

“Our units that are deployed 24/7 are engaging in regular Operational COVID-19 Lockdown briefings and will provide response support to SAPS, JMPD and the SANDF. Our Medical partners ER24 is also on standby with us.”

Norwood Resident, Waseem Koor says that the residents of Algernon Road in Norwood will be standing at their gates every night at 20:00 for the next 20 days to clap and cheer for all essential workers.

“Docs, Nurses, SAPS, Army, food and medicine drivers, shop assistants and ALL frontline workers risking their own lives for all of us. You, VTAC are of course one of our most important.”

The three week lockdown will be entering its fourth day from Monday, how we confront this national emergency in the coming weeks will make all the difference between life and death for many South Africans.

City of Joburg Shuts All Public Spaces Until Further Notice

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The City of Johannesburg has released a statement informing Joburg residents that public spaces under their jurisdiction will be closed until further notice to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Spokesperson of City Parks, Jenny Moodley informed councillors in the city of the closure of all it’s parks with immediate effect, to contain the spread of the virus – this includes Johannesburg Zoo.

The City of Joburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo said in a statement that Joburg Theatre, Soweto Theatre, and Roodepoort Theatre have been directed to postpone all shows and activities. Public swimming pools, recreational and civic centres, stadiums and libraries will also be closed until further notice.

Elderly people will be assisted as the City will be deploying clinical teams to also support vulnerable persons throughout the City. Makhubo said, “This includes assisting the tracking and tracing effort of those who have potentially been exposed to persons confirmed as infected with the virus.”

Makhubo said the City has strongly encouraged bars, restaurants, nightclubs, taverns, cinemas and areas of public entertainment to close their operations or limit their services. The government announced late yesterday (18 March) that restaurants, taverns, bars and clubs must accommodate no more than 50 persons at any time, open at 9am and close at 6pm.

The City’s interventions include scaling down Metrobus and Rea Vaya bus services in accordance with one person per two-seater and two people per three-seater bench. All buses will be sanitised once every 24 hours and washed twice a day. The mayor added that commuters will be provided sanitisers on buses, at ticket offices and depots.

Cash payments for trips have been suspended, commuters have been encouraged to get tags which will be issued for free during this period, Makhubo added.

[Adapted from Rosebank Killarney Gazette]

Covid-19 Hotline And Whatsapp Helpline Flooded With Calls, Messages

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The national health department’s WhatsApp-based helpline, Covid-19 Connect, has engaged with more than 1.5-million people.

The helpline, the department said, was launched at the weekend to deliver “accurate, up-to-date information to South African citizens at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In just a few days, the service has already engaged more than 1.5-million South Africans and has served more than 15-million messages,” the department said.

Covid-19 Connect was created in a week by Praekelt.Org, using technology to deliver automated informational responses providing answers to the most frequently asked questions about Covid-19 and the coronavirus.

“Covid-19 Connect, endorsed by the national department of health and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), is already playing an important role in supporting the department of health’s national response. The service is enabling the South African government to have direct communication with the public, empowering individuals with the right information and alleviating pressure on the national call centre,” said the department.

Using up-to-the-minute information from the World Health Organisation (WHO), coupled with local news updates and information on prevention, symptoms, treatment, risks, travelling and testing, the app is helping to mitigate against misinformation that can distract from critical health prevention, the department said.

“The national department of health has previously pioneered the use of WhatsApp to take its MomConnect maternal health programme to scale … Our experience on this, and other large scale health initiatives worldwide, has enabled us to rapidly implement Covid-19 Connect,” said Debbie Rogers, managing director of

“President Cyril Ramaphosa asked that we act together, act now and act decisively – the national department of health, the teams from WhatsApp and WHO. And our own teams at and have done exactly this over the past few days while developing Covid-19 Connect,” said Gustav Praekelt, founder of and co-founder of

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 public hotline has recorded high call volumes – 324,062 to date.

“As such, we have added two additional hotline numbers to capacitate and upscale timeous response of inquiries for the public and doctors. Clinicians can now contact the new clinicians’ hotline number on 0800 11 1131 for doctors only, and in addition to 0800 029 999 the public can also contact the public hotline number on 0800 111 132. Please note that all lines operate 24 hours a day,” said the NICD in a statement.

The institute said it had also recorded a high number of prank calls.

“We wish to urge the public to desist from such behaviour, as it takes away resources from those who need them,” said the NICD.