Members from Vision Tactical lending a helping hand at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Houghton on Friday.

SA Aviation Community Brings To Life The Children’s Flight 2020

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The SA Aviation Community together with sponsors and partners brought to life the Children’s Flight 2020, an initiative founded by Felix Gosher with the idea to give less fortunate children a chance to take to the sky.

The special event is being held at the Magaliesburg Flying Club.

Gosher says that during the day, only the best is done to inspire the kids to become anything they want to be when they grow up.

“It’s a community based project in which the best pilots from around the country gather to treat children who have never had the chance to fly before.”

Vision Tactical’s Anees Kara who was in attendance together with our medical partners ER24 says it’s heart-warming to see how many brands and sponsors have come together to treat the kids for a day.

“There’s children from the Nelson Mandela Burns Unit, children who have been through traumatic experiences and abuse and underprivileged orphanages, seeing the smiles of the children is all worth it,” said Kara.

The Children’s Flight event is a heartening demonstration of the great generosity, spirit and enthusiasm of the community at large.

Reducing Crime In Order To Create Safer and More Secure Community Environments

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Creating #SaferCommunities Using LPR Camera Technology

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Private Security Company Vision Tactical has integrated an advanced high-end technological system on its vehicles which provides additional crime fighting solutions in residential areas, housing estates, commercial hubs and on public roads.

The smart camera technology supplied by NAVIC (National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud) read number plates of vehicles driving through areas and automatically references it to a database of case-registered vehicles, flagging any cars that would’ve been reported as stolen, hijacked or wanted.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba says that the integration of License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras through the NAVIC system has already resulted in major successes in the prevention of crime and the apprehension of criminals.

“The overview cameras use Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to flag any unusual behavior, while the LPR cameras generate alerts sent on any vehicles which may be linked to a crime.”

Theba says that if confirmed positive the system instantly circulates an alert notification to the Intervention Units equipped with the system. The seamless speed of the process enables tactical security officers to respond swiftly.

License Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras have proven to be a highly valuable crime fighting tool, leading to the arrest of dangerous, wanted criminals and the identification and recovery of hijacked and stolen vehicles.

The integration of this high-end system adds an additional layer of security to the community, taking a proactive stance against crime sending a strong message that criminal activity won’t be tolerated.


Enquiries – Contact Mohamed on 074 772 333 3

Miles of Smiles organisation plants trees with Vision Tactical

Killarney Rosebank Gazette

MELROSE – One of the organisers emphasised that waste management doesn’t make the agenda until it reaches a crisis level.

Vision Tactical’s enviro-initiative joined forces with the Miles of Smiles organisation to plant ‘evertrees’ at the James and Ethel Grey Park in Melrose, Johannesburg yesterday, 29 September.

According to a statement from Mohamed Ameen Dabhelia from the communications office of private security company, Vision Tactical, planting trees is important as they improve life and fulfil the essential needs of those who depend on the environment. Moreover, trees support life by providing habitat to different species of animals.

“The initiative also aimed to raise awareness about sustainable ways to dispose of waste created at home,” Dabhelia added.

A number of trees were planted by local residents yesterday Photo:@VTacGreenTeam Twitter

One of the organisers, Zaheera Sibda Laher said that most people don’t think too much about the waste they produce every day. “There is an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude towards garbage as soon as it reaches the garbage bin. At the community level, a similar attitude is found. Waste management is an issue that doesn’t make the agenda until it reaches a crisis level,” said Laher.

Laher added that with the way things are going, communities will suddenly find it has too much garbage and seemingly nowhere to put it.

“Of course, the waste industry tells us that there always will be someplace to put it, but the solution is that we need to produce less garbage.”

Laher affirmed that the community needs to implement public space recycling programs which will help boost recycling rates and the recycling industry.

One Man’s Trash Is Our Environments Treasure

Private Security Company Vision Tactical’s “Green Team” has launched its latest environmentally conscious campaign in Houghton and surrounding areas – “Brewing Change”.

In an effort to reduce waste and pollution, the Green Team has been involved in various clean-up campaigns, inspiring the call to restore our local environment to its cleanest and aesthetically appealing state.

In its latest approach, the Green Team will collect ground coffee from shops once its discarded, transforming it in to a rich fertilizer for our local environment where it will be used in Houghton, Norwood and Killarney and surrounding areas.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba says that by recycling, reusing and reducing the amount of municipal waste we have, we are helping to build a more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren, and this latest campaign is proof of what is possible, it’s a ‘win-win’

“We only have a limited amount of natural resources on this planet and a limited capacity to process waste, so it’s important to do our part each day toward a better future.”

Green Team Encourages Residents To Use Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer In Gardens

Theba adds that coffee grounds as a fertilizer has been scientifically proven to help nourish the soil and promote the healthy and fast growth of plants.

Coffee grounds may be a waste product of coffee brewing, but they still contain beneficial minerals your plants will love.

Following research and consultations with environmental experts, analysis shows that coffee grounds include magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and is loved by worms because of the acidity.

Collecting And Storing Used Coffee Grounds

The Green Team will collect the coffee grounds from coffee spots in the community at no charge and will store it before they can be used as fertilizers in public recreational areas such as parks.

  • Shell Glenhove – Vida E Caffe
  • Caltex Oaklands – Seattle Coffee Co.

Shops who wish to discard their ground used coffee in a sustainable manner can contact Anees on 074 786 8866 to arrange!

The Vision Tactical Green Team – ‘Brewing’ Change

Remain Cautiously Optimistic But Also Realistic as SA Lifts Restrictions

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Private Security Company Vision Tactical has advised South Africans to remain cautiously optimistic about regaining their freedom to move, but to also remain realistic as no one knows what the future holds.

As South Africa moves from Level 3 to Level 2 of the national lockdown from midnight tonight, Vision Tactical Director Yaseen Theba has urged South Africans to remain cautiously optimistic but to also remain realistic moving forward.

A phased approach to lifting lockdown restrictions has already begun in the country and around the world, but that doesn’t mean the deadly coronavirus has gone away.

In South Africa, over 11,800 people have already died from the COVID-19 disease, and the numbers are growing.

As we count down the hours until Level 2 kicks in, Theba has urged citizens to remember that even as some restrictions loosen, that there’s still much we don’t know about the long-term behaviour of this particular coronavirus strain.

“The worst that can happen is that we make a misstep and let our emotions get ahead of the facts, and we have to go through this again,” said Theba.

Theba adds that in countries and cities that are beginning to reopen, the warning is clear.

“If cases surge again, the lockdowns will return. Reopening society may be a little different everywhere, but here are some common-sense codes to keep in mind.”

Vision Tactical outlines a few guidelines to keep in mind as the country

Don’t Toss Out Those Face Masks

As shopping malls and non-essential businesses begin to open, look for more coronavirus-slowing policies to go into effect, not fewer. That means social distancing, and both employees and customers wearing face masks or other face coverings. There may be a lot of other rules, too, depending on where you live and what you’re doing.

Don’t Throw A Party Or Go Out Unnecessarily  

Social distancing measures exist for a reason, and that’s to slow the spread of viral transmission from people who come into close contact. Hosting a party at home or crowding into a bar when they reopen will jam people together in a room, giving any lingering coronavirus on an asymptomatic host the prime opportunity to infect others, who then could pass it along.

Even if pubs and bars reopen in your area, as they are doing in some SA cities and places around the world, they’ll likely do so with limited hours (e.g. closing at 10 p.m.), social distancing and limited capacity. It’s up to you to be judicious about protecting your health.

Don’t Stop Washing Your Hands

Of course you’ll continue to practice common hygiene, but remember that relaxed restrictions won’t necessarily mean that the coronavirus outbreak is over, even after a vaccine eventually arrives. There may be economic reasons for schools and businesses to reopen, while the virus continues to spread, albeit at slower rates than today.

Remember that the goal of stay at home orders and thorough handwashing is to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients in critical condition and minimize your risk for acquiring life-threatening symptoms.

Hopefully, the good hand-washing habits you’ve acquired during this time will stick around, including longer, more thorough washing with hand soap, and more frequently after coming into contact with people and common surfaces.

Don’t Immediately Visit High-Risk People

There’s nothing we’d rather do when quarantine ends than rush out and give the senior citizens and immunocompromised friends in our lives a big, warm hug. But that might not be the best move for them.

For people who are in high-risk groups, keeping a healthy distance may still be the best way to keep them safe. That’s something you and your family will need to carefully evaluate.

Don’t Plan A Holiday Just Yet

We’ve already started a mental list of every place in the world we want to visit once restrictions lift. And we’ve already revised it to swap in local gems, like a hiking trail.

Intermingling is nearly impossible to avoid in airports and airplanes (though not because of the ventilation system, according to the WHO), which is one major reason flights have been cancelled and international travel effectively banned in many countries.

The international movement of people contributed to the coronavirus reaching pandemic proportions so quickly, through person-to-person transmission like coughing and sneezing. If a recurrence were to happen, the last thing you want is the stress of finding yourself quarantined in an unfamiliar country, without a clear or quick way home.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but as a global society, we can’t say for certain what will happen next, if a sudden surge in new coronavirus cases will make it necessary to reinstitute quarantine measures, as has happened in other countries around the world.

The smart thing to do is remain cautiously optimistic about regaining your freedom to move, but remain realistic that we don’t know what the future holds.

#ProtectingCommunities In The Fight Against COVID-19

Safe Shopping And Guidelines For Store Or Workplace Safety

Vision Tactical – ER24

Most of our retailers, businesses and restaurants have opened under level 3 of the lockdown in South Africa. Although there is a bit more freedom to move around, your chances of becoming infected can also be higher as traffic volumes have increased. Remember if you visit a shop, to practice physical and social distance, wear a cloth mask, sanitise your hands regularly and do not touch your face. Most businesses that have received the green light to open have to adhere to strict government regulations and guidelines. Most will, prior to you entering the store, take your temperature, take down your details and sanitise your hands.

When can a shop reopen after being closed due to a positive COVID-19 case?

As a guide, the store will need to be disinfected overnight before reopening. Staff should be evaluated for any COVID-19 signs and symptoms, and close contacts of the COVID-19 positive staff member sent home for 10 days quarantine.

Guidelines for store/ workplace safety

Use only a single (separate) entrance/exit as far as possible.

Keep doors open to minimise touching door handles.

The number of people in a store (including staff and customers) may be limited to one person per 6 square metres (i.e. floor meterage divided by 6).

When the store is full, customers will be asked to queue outside.

1,5-metre floor markings indicate where customers should queue. Shopping trolleys may be used as a means to maintain physical distancing.

Sanitise shopping trolleys and basket handles before and after use.

Anyone entering a store must wear a cloth mask and must first sanitise their hands.

If aisles are narrow, a direction of travel for aisles may be indicated on the floor.

Make a selection before touching an item/avoid touching multiple items.

Till points

Maintain physical distancing by using floor markings spaced at 1.5-metre intervals to indicate where it is safe to queue.

Perspex guards installed at till points create a barrier between cashiers and customers. Customers and cashiers should not touch these guards.

Cashiers and packers must sanitise their hands before and after assisting each customer. Additionally, the customer should also sanitise their hands before being assisted. The cashier should spray the hand sanitiser onto the customer’s hands rather than handing the customer the bottle.

If using your own shopping bags, remember to wash the bags after each use.

When arriving home, be sure to protect your family by wiping down purchased goods, with an appropriate detergent and disinfectant. Take care to wash fruit and vegetables with clean water.

‘Vision Tactical Plus’ Mobile App Redefines & Transforms Safety & Security Approach

Vision Tactical – 

Vision Tactical is aware of the many challenges, some unpredictable, that residents and businesses will be faced with in the months to come.

Hence, the company launched the latest version of its safety and security application for mobile phone users – “Vision Tactical Plus”. To better protect themselves, South Africans have resorted to using all manners of security measures, including their smartphones.

The digitally enhanced app provides Vision Tactical clients with an all in one safety and security solution at their fingertips.

The mobile app is linked to the Vision Tactical Control Room, sending real-time alerts where clients are able to request a range of emergency services.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba says that the latest version of the app will assist clients who find themselves in crisis situations by connecting them to an extensive network of emergency responders, as well as alerting selected friends and family.

“The app provides emergency services with vital information on the person in distress, such as their blood type, medical aid, private security company and next of kin. It then provides exact GPS co-ordinates of the user’s smartphone and directs us how to get there fastest.”

Theba says that Vision Tactical Plus provides an integrated personal safety & security solution, and that the app was re-developed to further enhance the fight against crime which has had devastating consequences for millions of people across various provinces in South Africa.

“Over the past few months, Vision Tactical has worked hand in hand with security and tech experts from around the country, to create a GO – TO smartphone application unlocking potential security solutions for where and when its most needed, in turn, bringing about stability.”

Theba adds that everyone dreams of a society that is at peace with itself, a society ready for a new and prosperous future.

“Through Vision Tactical Plus, this is a possibility.”

Users are able to receive immediate protection via the panic button, access to important information from Vision Tactical, where clients are able to connect with the team in just a few taps and find out more about what’s going on in your community before anyone else.

– Includes new panic button features

– Includes push notifications

– Includes improved security features

– Includes the Vision Tactical Newsfeed

– Includes surveys

– Includes app help and feedback

– Includes contact and travel details for Emergency Medical Services

– Includes all-in-one access to all social media feeds of Vision Tactical

The Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic is Rapidly Occurring Globally 

Vision Tactical’s COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness Unit will ensure that a risk assessment is carried out by entities, organisations and body corporates.
– ✅ Risk mitigation plans are implemented.
– ✅ Daily self-screening for all, and how to go about doing this
– ✅ Physical distancing methods
– ✅ The adequate provision of sanitisers and/or soap and water;
– ✅ The regular cleaning of venues and work spaces;
– ✅ Protocols which you can put in place to prevent the spread of infection.
 Contact our offices to set up an engagement;