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The importance of cooperation between law enforcement and private security in South Africa has never been greater, yet the difficulties in establishing effective cooperation between the two areas, remain a major obstacle. This has been highlighted in recent communications from the South African Police Services (SAPS) and the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

Environments being protected should ideally be protected against a full range of risks. It is therefore essential that a crime prevention strategy be designed and developed to address the range of risks confronting the environment being protected, where private security and the police can work side by side within the law fulfilling their legally defined roles.

In recent situations, partnerships between private security operators and law enforcement has yielded successful arrests and prosecutions as private security companies contribute vast access to technological devices and apparatus at its disposal such as LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera, CCTV in residential areas and various resources available to combat crime.

The E2 Project  is an excellent example of an active partnerships between the South African Police Service (SAPS), business and the public to be elevated to fight crime effectively. Vision Tactical is a member of the E2 Project and commends Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) for prioritising anti-crime partnerships

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba says that the collaboration between private security and the police is a great value add for residents and clients, showing that we are able to draw upon the resources and expertise between the private sector and law enforcement.

“In most cases, the police will be more than happy to lend free advice, information about hotspot areas, and resources to tackle crime. Collaboration is key and the fight against crime can only succeed by a multi-faceted approach.”

Theba adds that if the partnership is done right, with private companies respecting the authority of the law and law enforcement drawing on the resources and footprint of private security companies, we can be much more effective to protect communities from criminals and potential risks.

“The expertise and resources can only complement the boots we all have have on the ground. It saves time for the police, better protects our clients and communities at the end of the day.”

We will continue to call on role players to find a mechanism within the law so that we can equip ourselves to fight crime. Our crime prevention objectives are the same and we must support entities towards a a crime free South Africa.


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Colleagues and family of the four health-care workers and a pilot who were killed when a helicopter they were travelling in crashed in KwaZulu-Natal last week paid tribute in an emotional parade on Wednesday night.

Netcare, for whom most of the victims worked, described it as a painful day punctuated with deep shock and disbelief.

The hospital group said it was a long, emotional day for the families, loved ones and colleagues of Dr Kgopotso Rudolf Mononyane, Dr Curnick Siyabonga (Siya) Mahlangu and Mpho Xaba, all from Netcare Milpark Hospital, and Sinjin Joshua Farrance of Netcare 911 and Mark Stoxreiter, the pilot from National Airways Corporation (NAC).

In paying tribute to his colleagues, Netcare group CEO Dr Richard Friedland said: “We are here today to bear testimony to the lives of these great human beings, to continue their unfinished legacy of healing and bringing hope.

There is no greater act of humanity than to lose one’s life in attempting to rescue the life of another.

“Our hearts are broken, we mourn the loss of these fallen heroes, these front-line workers who have given so selflessly, so courageously of themselves. Our hearts are shattered for you, their families, children, loved ones, friends and colleagues whom they have left behind.

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Private Security Company Vision Tactical joined hands with the South African National Blood Service following urgent calls from the service who reported that they face severe blood stock shortages, to the extent that there may not be sufficient blood available for patients in need.

The SANBS urgently appealed to all potential and existing blood donors that are due to donate, to visit a SANBS blood donation site, to donate their precious unit of blood.

The blood drive was then set up within the vicinity of Vision Tactical’s offices, where residents and citizens were able to donate blood comfortably and safely, with all COVID-19 protocols in place.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba says that a blood donation seems like such a small act, yet it has incredible significance.

“On behalf of my entire team, I would like to thank all our donors that booked for the Vision Tactical Blood Drive with the SANBS & ER24EMS – your blood saves lives.”

Theba has encourage South Africans to continue donating blood whenever they possibly can.

Donor Recruiter for the SANBS Julia Masumuthe told Vision Tactical that the turnout witnessed today was very encouraging to see.

“I applaud one and all who came out to donate blood today, future blood donations will definitely take place with Vision Tactical and donors and potential donors will be able to follow us via all of our social media platforms to stay in the loop of where we will be next.”

The SANBS needs 3 200 units of blood every day and should be sitting on a five to seven day supply of blood daily, however, this is often not the case over the festive season.

If you want to donate blood and wish to locate your nearest donor clinic, call the Sanbs toll free number on 080 011 9031 or visit their website on

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Private Security company Vision Tactical and its Green Team members filled potholes on Johannesburg’s M1 South, this after receiving reports of 26 tyre punctures over one weekend alone.

According to residents and community members from the area, calls were logged with the local municipality for weeks to fix the potholes, however nothing was done. Residents then took to social media to escalate the issue, however, nothing was still being done.

Vision Tactical then tweeted:

The municipality was given until 2pm on Monday afternoon to dispatch a team to ensure the potholes are filled, however nothing was done, this was when the Vision Tactical team mobilised and went out to purchase the materials needed to fill the potholes. The team then went out and got the job done.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba said that the safety of the community, residents and motorists alike is the number one priority, horrific incidents do not wait to happen.

Once we opted to focus on the positive that helps the situation & replaced the political negative finger pointing, we will start to see positive results.”

Theba added that what required to be done, got done.

The team has identified other areas which require urgent attention and have prioritised the potholes to be repaired, while also escalating the issues with the relevant departments.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are universally recognized as days of super-sales and low prices on typically expensive goods.

Every year, South African consumers all over the country rush to stores to start their holiday shopping and get great deals on appliances, electronics, and other prized items.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Black Friday often leads to large crowds and potentially dangerous situations, and with COVID – 19 lockdown still in place, shopping will be a bit different this year.

For those who decide to shop in-store this year, Vision Tactical recommends standard precautions: wear a face masks covering your mouth and nose at all times, washing your hands often and keeping a safe distance from other people.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba says that even though most people are simply interested in getting a good deal and saving as much money as possible, there will be others who have criminal activity in mind.

“If you plan to use cash for your purchases, get the money from the bank or ATM a day or so before Black Friday. People withdrawing money from an ATM are an easy target for thieves.”

Theba adds that it’s a good idea to ask a friend to join you for the day.

“You may not stay together in the store because you’re looking for different sales, but leaving the store and driving together is much safer than going it alone.”

Some additional tips to keep in mind on Black Friday:

  • Be sure your cell phone is fully charged before you leave home.
  • Let your family know where you’re going and keep in touch during the day.
  • Even though you may want a particular item, don’t fight over them.
  • When buying high valued and large items, such as TV’s etc, either have it delivered to your home than storing it on the backseat of your vehicle, as this will make you an easy target for brazen criminals.

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Private Security Company Vision Tactical has joined the Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2) project which is an official joint crime fighting initiative between law enfrocement, Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA) and the Private Security Industry (PSI).

The Private Security Companies formally co-operate with law enforcement by relaying information directly to the Provincial Operational Command Centre (POCC) and in some instances, receiving such relevant information directly from it in real time.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba says that the platform encourages a good working relationship with private security companies and law enforcement which is vital especially with the festive period approaching.

“There is a tendency for an increase in crimes during this period, it’s the time of year when criminals take advantage, and this needs to combatted, joining the E2 Project enhances our crime fighting capabilities being in the Private Security Industry.”

Following the launch of this year’s festive season safety campaign by the MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko, and the SAPS’s Major-General Patricia Rampota, emphasis will be on the E2 project which enforces a stronger operational response to crime hotspot areas.

Theba says that the campaign initiated by the Gauteng Province under “Tight Grip” will be a success as all entities strive to work together with one mandate – making South Africa safer.

The Gauteng Province has collectively developed a provincial joint and intelligence structure operational plan, which will address serious and violent crime, gender-based and domestic violence and femicide, gangs, drugs and human trafficking, contraband and counterfeit goods, road safety and tracing and tracking of wanted and repeat offenders.

Theba adds that Vision Tactical’s Safer Festive Season operational plan is in place together with its partners ER24 and Tracker Connect.

“We believe in building and maintaining strong partnerships and this is evident with ER24 who are experts in their field of Emergency Medical Services as well as Tracker Connect who we work with very closely on a day-to-day basis.”

“We need to be extra vigilant during the festive period as this is a time where we experience a lot of vehicle accidents due to reckless and negligent driving, the focus would largely be on high visibility of members at crime hotspot areas,” Theba said.

These will include heightened visibility at tourist destinations, shopping centres, as well as conducting intelligence driven operations with law enforcement during and post the festive season.

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